sensors protect you!

  • Temperature icon


    Helps prevent frozen water pipes, senses dangerously low and high temperatures, and safeguards pets, plants, and more.

  • Humidity icon


    Guards against mold that can damage your home or health.

  • Dry Water Droplet icon


    A water detection probe is included to detect water from a broken pipe, water heater, sump pump, or from storms and other uncontrolled sources of water.

  • Light Level 7 icon

    Light Level

    Lets you track a change in light intensity, showing for instance that an elder did not turn on a light when expected, a child has a light on after bedtime, a storage room was entered, or plant grow lights are operating properly.

  • Acceleration Level 5 icon


    Senses earthquakes, heavy construction, blasting, and other sources of vibration while recording intensity.

  • AC Power icon

    Power Loss

    Monitors an electrical outlet, and alerts you when power is lost.

multisensor features

  • Economical and efficient
    six-in-one MultiSensor®

    Senses and records temperature, humidity, flooding, shaking/earthquakes, light, power loss, and more!

  • Protects your property

    Monitors and protects your residence, second home, garage, RV, boat, server or equipment rooms, and other important places.

  • Cellular-connected

    Communicates over the wireless cell network, even when power is lost. Does NOT require WiFi, a fixed-line broadband service or a telephone landline.

  • Sends readings and alerts

    A 90-day history of readings are reported to your smartphone or Web browser. When needed, alerts are sent by automated phone calls, text, and e-mail to multiple recipients.

  • Plugs into AC power outlet or USB port

    When connected power is lost or detached, the back-up battery (included) powers the MultiSensor for 40+ hours.

  • Installs easily and is readily moved

    There is no connection to other equipment and the cellular modem provides unrivaled flexibility.

privacy - yes!

The MultiSensor uses a secure cellular connection and encryption to secure your data. It does not include a microphone or camera so your privacy is further protected.

backing up another monitoring system

The MC4000 can be a primary monitoring device and can also help you to monitor devices that rely on AC power, a fixed broadband connection, and/or a phone line. Because the MultiSensor works for 40+ hours without AC power and uses cellular service, MultiSensor alerts and condition reports are sent when other systems are disabled.

cell service

The MultiSensor uses a leading cellular data service, and works no matter whether you use AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or some other cellular service on your smartphone. Signing up for the low-cost MultiSensor service is easy using the MultiSensor smartphone app or a Web browser.

“... the MultiSensor installs in minutes, provides accurate readings, and can save you a lot of money and frustration.” Read review »

Buy a Motorola MC4000!

Only $99.99 30-day money-back guarantee

The dedicated cell plan is only $5/month with the first month’s service free. You can cancel service at any time. No WiFi, fixed broadband service, or phone line is needed.

Protect the places and things important to you.

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